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  • Why choose HEC Sydney?
    Established since 1991, HEC specifically focuses on NSW syllabus Mathematics. Our dedication to quality teaching centres on producing the most effective learning program, resources and learning platform to bring results. Our tutors are not only subject specialists, but also experienced mentors who understand and know how to deliver all relevant Mathematics theory in depth. Our aim is to assist students to maximise their learning potential and gain confidence in learning Mathematics. Our comprehensive tutorial with carefully developed and selected practice questions ensures students understand the principles and can work independently on more complex questions. We understand students needs. Therefore, we offer out of class support via various platforms to ensure we have two-way communications to make learning more approachable and effective.
  • Do you offer 1 to 1 tutoring?
    Generally no. However, we can arrange 1 to 1 tuition @ $65/ hr rate upon request. This service is avaialbe to existing HEC students.
  • Do you offer any discount?
    Yes! When students enrol for more than one class - premium package only ( i.e. Ext. 1 and Ext. 2 Maths ) or have a family sibling, we offer 20% from the 2nd subject onwards*. We also offer $50 early bird discount per family for advanced term payment prior to last week of the previous term.
  • What are the course fees?
    Please refer to course details with competitive price info.
  • What's included in each course?
    Please refer to the course details for further info.
  • Are scholarships available?
    YES! HEC offers Maths High Achiever scholarships twice a year in June and December. Please refer to maths scholarship for further details.
  • Where are you located?
    HEC is conveniently located within 6 minutes walk from Burwood train station. Address: Ground Floor / 266 Burwood Road Burwood NSW 2134 ( corner of Church Street and Burwood Road )
  • What learning options are available?
    Currently, HEC offers both online (live zoom classes) and limited capacity offline face-to-face classes due to COVID restrictions. In addition, HEC recently launched a new E-Learning platform to make learning more affordable, convenient and effective. Currently available to Year 12 Extension 1 Maths students. Please refer to promotion and exam booster page for further details.
  • What happens if I missed out on previous term(s)?
    For those who joined in late and missed out previous term(s), upon confirmation of enrollment, materials can be purchased. Our materials are valuable resources with carefully chosen practice questions to reinforce individual learning. If you find difficulty to understand certain area(s) or topic(s) and want to have additional 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 sessions with our teachers, we can arrange that upon request. Please note this service will be only provided to students who already enrollment in our weekly classes. Hourly rate of $65 applies on these private services.
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