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Year 9s, it's NAP time!

Happy Chinese New Year! After that, it will be Easter Time in April! And soon, it will be May, which means time for NAP~! Especially for those who are in Year 9 this year, are you ready?

Whilst it is not something new to you, it is definitely important to you as there will be consequences if you failed to reach a band 8. The state government made this official in 2016 that students would be required to achieve a band eight standard in the year 9 NAPLAN reading, writing and maths to guarantee eligibility for the HSC. Although students who failed to reach the minimum standard, there will be multiple opportunities in the year 10, 11, 12 or even within the first 5 years when complete the HSC to meet the literacy and numeracy standards, it is still best to get this sorted now then have to worry about it later, right?

So let's get it prepared and NAP well!

Before you give in and pick up one of those NAPLAN practice books from a bookstore, we'd like to remind and inform you that there are plenty of free practice tests and past papers out there for you to use!

Are you ready? Here are the list for you.


Past NAPLAN papers between 2008 and 2011 have been released by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority for free use. They are a useful for practise closer to the NAPLAN.

NAPLAN Past Papers (2012 ~ 2014)

--------- > Click here for answers of the above past papers!

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority is one many people overlook when searching for free tests. Unlike ACARA or NAP, these are shorter practice exam sets. These little tests are perfect for drills and training for exam formats.

For those who are not aware, Excel do in fact provide free downloadable example tests on their website.


You will surely be familiarized with NAPLAN questions and gain confidence by practicing. Now take a nap before having a NAP! Good luck with your NAPLAN!

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